Place To Be

For a monthly night of bespoke new writing at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, Anima are looking for a number of emerging writers to be involved in a project based around the idea of a place. Inspired by a different location each month, the writers will create a short piece responding to a place and the people that inhabit it.

During this process, the writers will be taken to a space of our choosing to interact with it and meet someone who will become their subject. They are tasked with writing a piece of theatre about something they have spoken about, some strand of a conversation, or some other prompt that results from it.

Importantly, we don’t see this an exercise in verbatim, but rather the plays will reflect a reality, not recreate it. It is a project designed to go against the often repeated idea of ‘write what you know’ and in line with our aim to get new audiences into the theatre.

We believe that if you want new people to be interested in our work as theatre-makers, then we must go out and be interested in them. We want writers to broaden horizons, explore new perspectives and be present in the world.

Performed together as one, these pieces will provide a portrait of people in a place in time. The pieces will reflect diversity of people who may have nothing in common other than they are collected under the same roof. It is a celebration of institutions and places where we collect.

If you are interested in being part of this project please send a 10 page extract of existing work and under 200 words on why you want to be involved by midnight on Friday 15th September to:

If you create theatre by means other than a script, please send us existing material and include in the 200 words how you might respond to the brief.

We look forward to reading your work.